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Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

As the name suggests, a submersible pump can be fully submersed into liquid without the liquid entering the motor or control section of the unit.  A submersible pump consists of a pump end fitted to an electric or hydraulic motor.  This makes submersible pumps well suited to a range of domestic, light industrial, heavy industrial, mining and municipal applications. Applications include draining indoor and outdoor flooding, emptying large containers of water such as swimming pools, rainwater tanks, fountains, ponds etc through to larger applications including transferring sewage, wastewater & stormwater from pumping stations at commercial buildings, housing & industrial estates, treatment plants and the like.

Depending on the type, a submersible pump can transfer a variety of liquids, such as:

  • black water
  • grey water
  • raw sewage
  • trade waste
  • stormwater
  • subsoil water
  • rainwater
  • bore water
  • food stuffs
  • chemicals

The primary advantage of submersible pumps is that because they are submersed in liquid, these pumps never need to be primed. Furthermore, being surrounded by liquid, it helps to keep the motor cool.  Submersible pumps are generally very quiet because the surrounding liquid dampens the noise generated by the pump.

There many different types of impellers used in submersible pumps including open & closed centrifugal impellers, vortex, axial flow, turbine, single channel, cutter, grinder, helical rotor, chokeless, non-clogging.   With many different options, the right impeller can be selected for the type of liquid being pumped.

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General Pump Company stocks a huge range of submersible pumps, including Sewage Cutter, Sewage Grinder, Positive Displacement Grinder, Drainage, Large Drainage, Heavy Duty Dewatering, Vortex, Axial Flow, All Stainless Steel and more. With so many different types to select from, we are sure to have the right submersible pump for you.

General Pump’s In-House Brand – Ultraflow

In 1996, the team at General Pump Company decided that they would develop a range of high-quality, durable, reliable and efficient pumps.  The brand Ultraflow was chosen and registered as the company’s trademark because the quality and performance of the range of pumps would go beyond many other pumps that were flooding the market at the time.

Ultraflow has become a highly respected and trusted brand in the pump industry with demand for the products growing consistently and continuously for more than 20 years. Ultraflow pumps, pumping systems and associated accessories have been designed, manufactured, and tested using on the wealth of ‘hands on’ experience gained since General Pump Company began in 1975.


Ultraflow Pumping Stations

Pressure Booster Pumps

Ultraflow Circulation Pumps


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