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Packaged Pumping Stations for Sewage, Stormwater & Wastewater

Pumping Stations for Sewage, Stormwater & Wastewater

We all know that sewage, stormwater and wastewater cannot flow uphill without being pumped!  There are many situations where sewage, stormwater and wastewater cannot drain away and must be transferred to a higher point, whether it be to a sewer main, stormwater pipe, easement etc.

The packaged pumping stations are an efficient solution where traditional gravity-reliant sewage and stormwater systems are not possible or are unavailable.   These packaged pumping stations provide property owners with the opportunity to add buildings to their properties such as studios, granny flats, sheds with amenities.  They also allow enormous flexibility to property developers, opening up land areas for development that would previously have been impossible to service.

General Pump Company manufactures the Ultraflow packaged pumping stations which can be installed at a low point on a site or in a basement of a building.   Sewage, wastewater or stormwater can be drained to the pumping station where it is collected and when the liquid level rises in the pumpwell, the pump/s will start and transfer the liquid out of the pumpwell to the discharge point.

Pump Station Packages

Ultraflow pumping stations generally include a reinforced fibreglass pumpwell, 1 – 4 submersible pumps, internal plumbing and valves, an electrical control panel and level switches.  There are many optional extras available that can be added to a pumping station – a guide rail system can be fitted to easily and safely install and remove the pump/s from the pumpwell without having to enter the pumpwell or expose yourself to the liquid in the pumpwell.  Systems are available that have an intelligent operations capability that allow you to monitor the pump station performance remotely via the internet. This allows for early detection of any potential problems, bringing peace of mind to owners and operators.

Pumpwell Sizes

The Ultraflow pumpwells are available in many different sizes making them suitable for almost every project, including:

  • Vertical Pumpwells between 450mm – 3200mm in diameter and up to 10.0 metres deep,
  • Horizontal Pumpwells 1200mm – 3200mm in diameter and up to 14.0 metres long,
  • Custom made pumpwells can be manufactured to fit through doorways or confined spaces


Ultraflow pump stations are supplied with all internal piping and valves installed and ready for use.  If guide rail systems are used, they are also mounted in the pump station which mostly eliminates the need for Confined Space Entry.   All this makes Ultraflow pump stations quick and simple to install, minimises excavation open times, considerably reducing total installation time, labour costs and associated worksite hazards.

Many different types & sizes of submersible pumps can be installed into Ultraflow pumping stations.  This means that the correct pump/s will be used for the liquid that is to be pumped and will be sized to pump the height and distance to the discharge point.  Typically, Ultraflow submersible pumps are supplied with Ultraflow pumping stations, Ultraflow submersible pumps are robust, heavy duty & efficient.  Ultraflow also has a range of ‘all stainless steel’ pumps & guide rails system however, if you have a preference for a particular make of pump, such as Grundfos, Flygt, Sulzer, ABS, Caprari or Davey, this can be supplied.  I

Above ground pumping stations are available where excavations are not required or not possible.  Ultraflow pumping stations can be installed on the floor of basements & cellars, under elevated houses etc.   They are delivered with all pipework, valves and pumps pre-assembled, ready for installation.

General Pump’s In-House Brand – Ultraflow

Click to see our list of in-house-branded sewage pumps by Ultraflow.





Pressure Booster Pumps

Ultraflow Circulation Pumps

Ultraflow 5″ Pressure Submersible Pumps


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