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Circulation Pumps

A circulation pump (also known as a recirculation pump) circulates fluid in a closed circuit with the intent of ensuring hot water is always available close to the consumption point. Consequently, water circulation pumps are commonly used to circulate the water in hydronic heating or cooling systems. The main function of a circulating water pump is to reduce water wastage and increase comfort and save time.

Circulation pumps without controls are normally used, given the relatively small flow variation but it depends on the size of the system. In larger systems, controlled pumps could be more advantageous to allow adjustment of the flow when starting the system and to be able to control the temperature. General Pump Company can help you in finding the right circulation pump, whether it be a water heater circulation pump, hydronic circulating pump, or domestic circulation pump, our years of experience can guide you through your different options.

General Pump sells and services circulation pumps from a wide range of suppliers, including the following brands and models:

  • UCF, UCV pumps by Ultraflow
  • UP, UPS, TP pumps by Grundfos
  • SB, SC pumps by Davey
  • Ecocirc, LNE pumps by Lowara
  • NCE HQ F pumps by Calpeda

Other brands we also use are: Dab Pumps, Davey, Ebara, Mono Pumps, Onga, Regent Pumps, Roto Pumps, and Zenit Pumps to name just a few.

We also undertake custom orders, so if you have any specific requirements we can see you through specification, fabrication, and assembly. For more information, contact General Pump Company today and receive a free quote.

General Pump’s In-House Brand – Ultraflow

Click to see our list of in-house-branded circulation pumps by Ultraflow.

Ultraflow Circulation Pumps


Ultraflow Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Large Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Large Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Heavy Duty Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Heavy Duty Drainage Submersibles

Ultraflow Sewage Cutter Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Vortex Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Sewage Grinder Submersibles


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