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Immersible Pumps

Immersible pumps are a popular choice when searching for an all-round pump, as they have been designed to be operated in a dry environment that might flood at some point or another.

At one end of the immersible pump is a float switch that turns off the blower motor to prevent water reaching the cooling fan if immersed. The opposite end is also enclosed with a fan, and the pump is encased with frames and a layer of grease to prevent water from seeping into the motor. This means that an immersible pump can be used in any location where flooding is a risk (basements, under-building carparks, stairwells, etc). Immersible pumps are more cost-effective for the rare flooding situation, but if the motor will be continually submerged in water, a submersible water pump is the correct option


Aside from giving you peace of mind through its clever design, the immersible water pump is often easier to service, less expensive to buy, and easier to operate. Often, these pumps can easily handle solids and liquids, allowing for several suitable situations such as within stormwater drains.

General Pump Company will assist you in finding the best pump to suit your needs. We have over 30 years’ experience with selling and servicing a wide variety of pumps from around the world. We sell and service the following brands, parts and accessories:

  • Brown Bros
  • Calpeda
  • Dab Pumps
  • Davey
  • Ebara
  • Grundfos
  • Mono Pumps
  • Onga
  • Pentair Southerncross
  • Regnet Pumps
  • Roto Pumps
  • White International Pumps
  • Zenit Pumps

We also can help you if you have specific requirements as we undertake custom orders which can see you through all the way through specification, fabrication and assembly. Contact General Pump Company today for a free quote.


General Pump’s In-House Brand – Ultraflow

Click to see our list of in-house-branded immersible pumps by Ultraflow.

Ultraflow Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Immersible Pumps.


Ultraflow Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Large Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Large Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Heavy Duty Drainage Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Heavy Duty Drainage Submersibles

Ultraflow Sewage Cutter Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Vortex Submersible Pumps

Ultraflow Sewage Grinder Submersibles


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