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About the trade supplier General Pumps

GPC - 22-24 Sommerville Circuit Emu Plains

General Pump Company was established in 1975 and is an Australian company, family owned and managed. Since 1975, General Pump Company has grown from the sales, service and repair of pumps for domestic and small commercial markets to a company that now represents more than 240 pump manufacturers from around the world.

GENERAL PUMP COMPANY is actively involved in the design, specification, fabrication and assembly of a range of pumps, pumping systems and associated equipment including:-

  • Pumpsets used in processing & manufacturing of construction materials, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, packaging, petroleum products
  • Diesel and Electric driven dewatering and slurry transfer pumps for mining and quarry applications
  • Water supply pressure systems,
  • Pressure booster systems for water supply,
  • Electric and diesel driven pressure booster units for fire hydrants, fire sprinkler systems & fire drenching systems,
  • Packaged pumping stations for sewage & stormwater,
  • Tradewaste treatment & recycling systems,
  • Oil water separator units,
  • Undersink sullage units,
  • Hot water circulation pumps & controls,
  • Greywater & blackwater recycling systems,
  • Rain water harvesting systems,
  • Irrigation pump stations,
  • Grease arrest units,
  • Electrical control panels,

Here at General Pump Company the commitment to our clients goes well beyond the sale of a product.  The company has a huge range of spare parts and accessories.  Also available to you, is an efficient, reliable, well equipped pump service division dedicated to repairing and refurbishing pumps and pump systems.

When all these areas are put together, we become a company which is diverse and professional in our activities.  The combined experience and knowledge gained over many years in the pumping industry holds the company in good stead to provide you with the right product / service at the right time, and at the right price.