General Pump Company supplies sewer pump stations to the Pacific Islands palm plantations.

The Pacific Islands has an increasing palm plantation industry to support the ever increasing demand for palm oil. Palm plantations are often situated in areas that are not near the sewer. These plantations employ many workers, and there is a requirement to suitably dispose of the sewerage. General Pump Company sold 5 pumping stations for different areas of the plantation. They included a unique ‘Ultraflow’ two tank design to cope with the foreign objects that are flushed into the pump stations. Each ‘Ultraflow’ packaged pumping station included;

  • A primary collection well fitted with aeration equipment,
  • An air blower pump,
  • A sewage pump well fitted with guide rail systems, pipework, valves and lifting chain.
  • Dual ‘Ultraflow’ UMGN3700/50/3 submersible sewage grinder pumps, 3.7kw 415 volt pumps,
  • ‘Ultraflow’ dual pump level controller

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